Upcoming Meetings.

** Please Note**

All Red Tent Cheshire Meetings and circle gatherings in person have been cancelled until the new year 2021 or until government restrictions are reduced.

I am deeply sorry for this announcement and I fully intend to keep our community connected and supported in as many ways as possible during this time of uncertainty.

If you require any further information please send enquiries to: wendy@redtentcheshire.co.uk


Our meetings can vary from month to month, with different events and themes.

I’ve added this page to provide a bit of information about what we’ll be covering each month based on the current Moon activity and Nature’s changing seasons…

Previous Meetings – 2016 ,2017, 2018 & 2019

New Moon Circle Gathering – March Meeting 2019.

Friday 8th March 19.30- 21.30 at Pure Yoga.

This month is all about ‘re setting your rhythm’ and getting back into the flow of your own life.
March awakens us to natures fresh new beginnings, and with Ostara / the Spring equinox just around the corner, we are reminded of all our natural cycles, of regeneration, rebirth and the importance of action and balance.
We will be crafting with felt and celebrating Earths awakening, fertility and flower symbolism.

We will have our usual sharing circle and oracle cards.
You are welcome to bring a personal notebook or journal if you wish to make notes, as well as any other personal item you may wish to share with the circle.
(Paper and pencils as well as all the materials needed for the activities will be provided unless otherwise stated prior to meetings)

Please note –

All activities are optional, you do not have to participate or do anything you don’t want to. You have the option to join in or to simply sit back, absorb and observe.

This is a place to just be yourself with no judgement. Children and toddlers are not usually invited to Red Tent, as this is time for women to have space and time with other women for support, however newborns and babes in arms are welcome to come along with mama, so we can support women with breastfeeding and during the time post birth.

-Its also a good idea to bring your own drink or water bottle if you desire, as refreshments will not be provided.

Please email if you have any questions. wendy@redtentcheshire.co.uk or message us through facebook.

Cost: £10 per person per meeting. (£5 taster / introductory price)

New Moon Circle Gathering – February Meeting.

Friday 1st February 19.30 – 21.30 at Pure Yoga Macclesfield.

This months meeting falls in line beautifully with the celebration of Imbolc, Candlemas and the beginning of Spring!. We are celebrating the passing of Winter and welcoming of the first stirrings of Spring on its way. Time to honour Brigid, the Goddess of inspiration, healing and poetry and the Celtic Goddess of fire who brings fertility to the land.

Come along and make your own Brigid’s cross (A fire wheel symbol of protection to hang in your home) or sew a Brigid doll (bringer of fertility and good fortune) or simply light a candle for Candlemas. 🙂

We’ll also have our usual sharing circle and oracle cards reading during the meeting.

New Moon Circle Gathering  – January 4th 2019

This is our first meeting of the new calendar year.! Let’s start this Year empowered and organised ladies.
The perfect time to set intentions, focus on personal goals for the year ahead, and also reflect on what we have left behind in 2018.

With the New Moon in Capricorn this month this is a perfect time for setting yourself some focus and guidelines for the year ahead, plus this Earth sign is ruled by Saturn the great teacher, so it brings strength and inner Wisdom at this time.

I will be running a guided meditation and we’ll also have our usual oracle cards and sharing circle. The sharing circle is where every woman in the circle gets the opportunity to talk about her month or share a story or reading with the group.

New Moon Circle Gathering December Meeting  – Dec 7th 2018

This month we’ll be looking ahead to Yule and Christmas festivities. At the Winter Solstice we reach the depth of darkness with the longest night of the year. We’ll be talking a bit about the festival of rebirth, Yuletide traditions.

We’ll be making some beautiful evergreen wreaths as natural eco decorations with Willow rings, wood, holly, Ivy, pyrography, greenery and paper flowers .

New Moon Circle Gathering – November Meeting 2018

Friday 9th November at Pure Yoga Macclesfield

This month our theme is ‘Manifestation’.
We’ll be making personal Vision/Action boards and taking about the ways in which we can over come egoic resistance when taking new action.

Vision boards can be a great tool for focusing our attention and intentions towards our personal goals, but it’s actually, ‘focused new ACTION’ which makes those goals manifest in the physical plane and into our lives.

The vision board helps us focus and stay firm with intention to manifest our goals but if you’re stuck at the action stage, not knowing which kind of actions to take and how to approach them, your goals will remain dreams rather than reality.

Join us for this November meeting, where you’ll learn how to create a powerful Vision / Action board for the year ahead.. Feel free to bring along magazines, photos, images etc. that you may wish to add to your own personal board.

October Meeting

Friday 12th October at Pure Yoga Cheshire 19.30-21.30

This month we’ll be exploring the power of archetypes and how we all carry and express the energy of each archetype within ourselves.

(This meeting we’ll be looking at all general archetypes, and eternal Forms, not the Goddess archetypes we’ve already discussed in previous meetings.)

Archetypes are represented in myths and fairytales, folk stories, poems, movies and various literature in all cultures around the world and they represent patterns which are both ancient and universally recognised. The Dreamer,  Magician, Saboteur, Healer, Diva, Clown, Sage, Detective, Hermit, Lover, Artist, Bully, Judge… to name just a few…

We can use our understanding of these archetypes within ourself as a kind of compass for navigating our personal human life experience, so my aim with this session to offer a good but simple overview of how to uncover your own personal prevalent archetypes, helpful archetypes and blocked archetypes.

This understanding can help you navigate your life experiences with greater clarity and awareness.

I’ve been working a lot with the Magician archetype and have been inspired to bring this work to our circle for some time, I’m thrilled to be exploring this work with you all this month..

September Meeting  – A special Menarche Ceremony will replace our usual meeting this month. All welcome.

New Moon Circle Gathering – August Meeting.

Friday 10th August

19.30 – 21.30 at Pure Yoga Cheshire.

This month we have an Inner Goddess make over theme.

We’ll be celebrating and unleashing our Inner Beautiful Muse.

The message we wish to express through this session is to anchor and balance our inner beautiful muse to no longer feel shame about expressing our beauty and passion without judgement.  To feel confident to shine our beautiful selves to the world without shrinking for fear of being judged for adorning ourselves and expressing our beauty.

We have some powerful inner makeover activities planned as well as a special guest speaker.

Sarah Bradley from Younique.

Sarah will be taking us through a powerful session for increasing our capacity for self love, and empowerment.

So come and learn how to unleash your inner Goddess and build your confidence to realise your beauty so it shines out of your face.

New Moon Circle Gathering – July Meeting 2018

Fiday 13th July at pure yoga

This month we have a special inner journeying theme with a fairytale and creative writing session with special guest Emma Manchester hosting.

New Moon Circle Gathering – June Meeting 2018

Friday 15th June at Pure Yoga

With the approach of the Summer Solstice, the fire festival of Litha, we’ll be joining together in jointly creatng our yearly Red Tent patchwork blanket, using fabric paints, cotton threads, ribbons and buttons.

An opportunity to add your own personal mark to a beautiful symbol of sisterhood and feminine empowerment.

I’ll be sharing some wonderful seasonal herbal recipe handouts which perfectly compliment the upcoming seasonal Solstice celebrations.

New Moon Circle Gathering – May Meeting 2018.

This month we’ll be taking a look at the chakra system and corresponding inner Goddess archetypes. We’ll be doing a rejuventation ritual with essential oils, and creating some chakra energy inspired art. We will also have our usual sharing circle and oracle cards.

New Moon Circle Gathering – April Meeting.

This month we’ll be reconnecting with Spirit ✨
Pendulum dowsing to receive guidance from our higher self, guided meditation, Soul Driven art, as well as our usual sharing circle and oracle cards. All ladies will receive a beautiful hand made gift this month.

New Moon Circle Gathering – March Meeting.

Following on from our ‘water’ themed meeting last month, we’ll be exploring the element of ‘Earth’ this month.
As Spring approaches and the Earth is thawing to awaken, we’ll be embracing all the strength and grounding energy the Earth provides us.

New Moon Circle Gathering – February Meeting

Friday 16th February.

19:30-21.30 at Pure Yoga Cheshire.

Theme: Water, Daydreaming, Nourishing and expressing the imagination.

Activities: Guided meditation, Watercolour painting, Crystal cleansing and programming activity, Elixir making.  We’ll also have our usual meditation, sharing circle and oracle cards during the meeting.

New Moon Circle Gathering – January Meeting.

Friday 19th January 2018

19.30 – 21.30 at Pure Yoga Cheshire

Theme – Herbalism in the home – Empowering Infusions /  Healing tea blends for health and wellbeing.

To kickstart our new year we’ll be exploring how simple herbal infusions can benefit our health and wellbeing. Learn the basics of using warming and cooling herbs for various ailments. Every woman attending the meeting will also get a goodie bag of herbal infusion related items to use at home.

  • In addition to the herbalism and tea related activities, we’ll also have our usual meditation, sharing circle and oracle cards during the meeting.
  • We also have flower remedies and personalised blends available to purchase as well as our new Red Tent library book corner.

December New Moon Gathering – Friday 15th December 2017

Theme: Gift making, gratitude, disk weaving, plus our usual monthly meditation, intention setting and oracle cards.

November New Moon Gathering – Friday November 17th 2017.

This month we’re doing a special flower remedy special. Plus our usual monthly meditation, oracle cards and sharing circle.

October New Moon Gathering – Friday 20th October 2017

– Libra New Moon Ritual to bring balance into your life.

This month as we approach the Autumns end, we will be conducting an intention setting ritual, using herbs, flowers, crystals and candles to aid in grounding and balance..A time to drift, dream and vision, to connect with our ancestors and with the wisdom within.

Oracle cards, Sharing circle, meditation.

September 2017 New Moon Meeting – Emma Manchester Co-Hosting, Vision / focus board Gratitude craft, Oracle cards, Sharing Circle, Meditation.

August 2017 New Moon Meeting – Smudge stick making, Working with eclipe energy, Oracle cards, Sharing Circle, Group meditation.

July New Moon Meeting – 21st July 2017

The New moon this month will be in the sign of: Leo.  Fire sign.

Theme:Moving forward during change, Balance, Focus, Optimism and Motivation.

Activities: Patchwork patch creating (For those who wish to contribute this years Red Tent Quilt), Oracle cards, Talisman making, Sharing circle.

April New Moon Meeting – Friday 28th April

(This meeting marks our first year anniversary of holding Red Tent Cheshire at Pure Yoga in Macclesfield)

New Moon this month is in: Taurus (Earth)

Theme: Taking time out, Grounding and Inspiration, Security and rites of passage.

Activities: Herb blending (Yoni/vaginal steam herbs), Wire jewellery making ( wire circlet making), Oracle cards, Sharing Circle.

March New Moon Meeting – Friday 31st March

New Moon this month is in : Aries (Fire)

Theme: Tending our inner fire, Spring, New beginnings, Self Love.

Activities: Incense making, Lavender wands, embroidery, Oracle cards, Sharing Circle.

February New Moon Meeting – Friday 24th February

The New Moon this month is in: Pisces (Water)

We also have the influence of the Solar eclipse on the 26th.

Theme: Self Exploration, Dreams and Emotions, Pain and Wisdom.

Activities: Elixir Making, Meditation, Polymer clay talismans, Oracle Cards, Sharing Circle.

January New Moon Meeting – Friday 27th January

The New Moon this month is in: Aquarius (the water bearer) ‘Air’

Theme: The Sacred Yoni, Divine Union, Self Love. Winds of Change.

Activities: Charcoal Art, Card Making, Oracle Cards, Sharing Circle.

December New Moon Meeting – Friday 30th December 2016

The New Moon this month is in: Capricorn (TheGoat)

Theme:Planting seeds of new action and intention for 2017.

Activities: Rune Making, Oracle cards, Meditation, Sharing circle.

November New Moon Meeting – Friday 25th November 2016

The new moon this month is in: Sagittarius (The archer)

Theme : The higher mind, Envisioning, Intention setting, New cycles.

Activities: Disc Weaving, Yarn crafts, Fabric Patches, Oracle cards, Sharing circle.


October New Moon Meeting – Friday October 28th 2016

The New Moon this month is in – Scorpio

Theme: Dreamtime, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Strengthening Intuition, Honouring Moontime.

Activities: Spirit animal meditation, rock / pebble painting/colouring, Oracle cards, Pendulum dowsing, Sharing circle.


Sept /Oct New Moon Meeting (Friday 30th September 2016)

The New Moon this month is in – Virgo

Theme – Justice, Balance, Honouring your inner Athena, the golden heroine, Self worth.

Activities– Polymer clay creations (pendant /pendulum), Handicrafts, Knitting needle toppers, Oracle cards, Pendulum dowsing, Sharing circle.


September New Moon Meeting (Friday 2nd Sept)

The New Moon this month is in – Virgo.   (Earth Sign)

Theme – Powerful Change,Time to get organised and motivated. Setting intentions.  New Beginnings. Soul Purpose. Earthing your dreams with a plan.

Activities -Willow Dreamcatchers, Wooden Bookmarks, Oracle cards, Sharing Circle, Foundations for Health and Wellness.


August New Moon Meeting (Friday 5th August)

The New Moon this month is in – Leo (The Lion) Fire sign.

Theme : Ambition, Leadership, Creativity and Joy. Conscious sense of self. Self Expression, Playfulness.

The New Moon in Leo can bring out your creative side.

Activities: Cotton tote art, Candle and incense blessing request, Oracle cards / Runes, Sharing cirlce, Pendulum dowsing to unlock your intuition. (Please bring your own pendulum if you wish, one will be provided if you don’t have one)

  • July New Moon Meeting (Friday 1st July)

The new moon this month is in Cancer (The Crab) Water Sign,

Theme: Honouring the element of Water, Nurturing, Emotional Connection, Meeting our Emotional needs,Creating with Intent.

Activities: Oracle cards, Water and Flower Essence Cleansing, Earth Healing Group Meditation and Visualisation, Sea Glass, Shell & Driftwood Craft (pendant making), Recipe Share.


  • June New Moon Meeting. (Friday 3rd June)

The new moon this month is in Gemini (The twins, The double edged sword of the mind)

Theme: Honouring the element of Air, Mindfulness, Communication, Grounding.

Activities: Oracle cards, Smudging, Herbal incence making / smudgesticks, Fabric art activity, Chinese whispers, Guided meditation.


  • May New Moon Meeting (Friday 6th May)

The new moon this month is in Taurus (The Bull, The Master Builder)

As always I will firstly give an introduction into the tradition of the red tent movement, and how it benefits women including honouring the lunar cycle and how it affects us.

A circle wll be cast and ladies will be welcomed from a social space into the sacred circle.

Theme:Mother Earth. Pleasures of the physical realm. Grounding. Honouring our physical body, detoxification, Creating art and building new ideas in the physical world.

Element: Earth

Symbol: The Bull

Activities: Clay modelling, Learn Self Massage, Herbal Bath Salts Ceremony, Grounding, Guided Meditation, as well as a couple of surprise Earth honouring activities. 🙂

(Everyone is welcome to take home their clay creations and bath salts)

  •  April New Moon Meeting (Friday 8th April)

The New Moon this month is in Aries, (The child /Ares the warrior)

 – strength and action.

As always I will firstly give an introduction into the tradition of the red tent movement, and how it benefits women including honouring the lunar cycle and how it affects us.

A circle wll be cast and ladies will be welcomed from a social space into the sacred circle.

Theme: The pursuit of Independence and Individuality.  Soul Purpose. Authenticity. Expressing your inner child. leadership, authority, Introduction to your Inner Goddess.

There will be an opportunity for a brief guided meditation as well as sharing thoughts and introducing ourselves.

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Ram

Activities: Developing personal intuition. Pendulum Making & Dowsing. Crayon Art. Folk Tales. Earth Wisdom Oracle Cards. Talking/sharing circle. Introduction to your Inner Eve.