Happy Halloween & Samhain Blessings!

The final harvest should all be gathered and it’s time to mark the end of another natural cycle of birth, growth and death, as the wheel turns, it’s time to honour our ancestors.

Light fires and candles and welcome warmth, place an extra seat at the table for a loved one you wish to remember, celebrate or connect with. Sow a seed for the ancestors or plant a tree of remembrance. Plant an acorn as a symbol of wisdom, to grow within you from their memory.

The tradition of celebrating Halloween or All Hallows eve, originates from the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in). Also known as All Souls Night and the Feast of the Dead, it is a feast and fire festival, to honour the point of death as the end of the natural cycle of the year.

Humanity in many ways, is also transitioning through greater a cycle of growth and change. The world stage is forever cycling from one crises to the next and currently, pandemic lockdowns and restrictions are triggering a multitude of emotional responses. I think it’s safe to say that we are all experiencing or at least witnessing, to varying degrees, chaos, stress, confusion, boredom, frustration and fear.

I personally feel an underlying rumble of our collective reality as being on the precipice of another cyclic transformation, before a new cycle of rebirth begins. I’m being reminded of the need to develop a sense of resilience, courage, persistence, and boundaries. Just as our ancestors also faced their own upheavals and found a way to adjust and thrive despite the chaos of the world around them. We too are being urged to be creative in finding ways to stay connected and cope with what we face in our world today.

I’ve felt drawn to having greater awareness of my own ancestral history a little more deeply than before, so I’ve been continuing to work on healing ancestral trauma with compassion and forgiveness, and with gratitude for every opportunity it brings for growth healing and wisdom.

This year in particular has developed within me, a new and deeper sense of gratitude for this day. Now more than ever before in my life have I felt a need to remain connected, not just in a human sense, but connected to common sense and sanity, connected to compassion, and connected to the wisdom inherent within us and that we learn from history. And most importantly connected to my intuition to guide me in how best to focus my energy and attention in my life.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching history documentaries with my daughter, we watched ‘the great escape’ and it sparked several deep conversations about different crises throughout history that our ancestors endured. The traumas they lived through, I shared stories with my daughter that my nana told me, about her life living through the war. It’s been a great reminder for us to honour those who have come before us and endured times of upheaval and chaos with strength, and resilience.

I drew the nine of wands/staffs tarot card today with no surprise, as this card comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, we can stand tall and strong. Despite enduring challenges we have the necessary grit and resilience to get through life and create meaning, purpose and abundance. The nine of wands reminds us to keep going and establish appropriate boundaries.

I hope you are all finding a way to connect, have fun, lift spirits and enjoy the festivities this year. Happy Halloween & Blessed Samhain Xxx

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