What is the ‘Red Tent’?

iStock_000055003538_FullThe Red Tent or Moon Lodge is simply a gathering of women who get together at the time of the new moon, when women are most in need of connection, support, rest and reflection.

When the menstrual cycle is synced with the moon cycles, menstration (moontime, heavenly water), commonly happens at the time of the new moon.

We tend to feel at our lowest ebb during this time of the month, where we feel the need to go inward, to rest and replenish, and reflect on our being.

Simply being in the presence of other women and often wise and supportive women, the time of the new moon is ideal for meditation, chanelling, intuitive insights and guidance as we are also likely to be more psychically open for spiritual and personal development guidance.

The ‘Red Tent’ is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures the world over as a regular circle support group, a sisterhood for empowering one’s feminine sense of self.

Traditionally girls would start attending red tent circle meetings when their bodies started cycling with the moon, and it would be in these supporting circles that girls would learn about fertility cycles and every facet of what it means to be a woman. ‘Womens Lore’ gifting girls (and women) a mystical understanding of their womanhood.

The red tent is where women learned the sacred arts of healing and chanelling, dream analysis, and divination, to learn that our natural gifts are to be nurtured and developed as well as understood and honoured.

It was also a sanctuary where secrets could be shared (what happens in the red tent – stays in the red tent) 😉

Wisdom was imparted often through oral tradition of folklore and myth, recipes exchanged and parenting advice discussed.  Basically a purely safe environment that both girls and women learned about the responsibility of sexuality and the teaching of the art of love and connection in a healthy and supported way.

The red tent helps support healthy relationships and marriages.  Because our emotions are also ruled by the moon, we are more likely to be experiencing our shadow traits or dark shadow side during this time, so naturally taking time out to share a sacred circle of support with other women, away from our partners and children, we are able to recharge and return to our families stronger and more able to cope emotionally as well.  We are giving back to ourselves by taking this time for us, a vital practice for empowered women.  To take responsibility for our holistic well being is to honour ourselves deeply.

When we welcome girls into the red tent circle and celebrate their womanhood, it empowers them to understand that womanhood is truly worth celebrating..

They are welcomed into a sacred and safe space where they can be heard and speak their truth with no judgement, and gain insight, information and support from other girls and gain wisdom from women within the group, learning new skills for female empowerment and expressing Soul purpose with creativity.